I’m creative, explorer, believer and dreamer. As far as I remember, I have always been driven me towards music my love for electronic music, film scoring and trailer music as always in life. So, you can well imagine me as a “all in one composer” doubled as a “studio alchemist” with a simple rule : Nothing Is Impossible.​​​​​​​
I always like to combine acoustic instruments (like symphonic orchestras) and synthesised sources. I build magical world by finding a perfect link between soundtrack diverse and detailed soundscapes. I immerse myself in each project to find the best atmosphere, create unique and fascinating scores and sublime the intensity of the drama. I explore numerous melodic, harmonic and rhythmic approaches to create organic, expressive, enigmatic and rich musical compositions.
I like diversity in my work. I enjoy when projects come in different formats : film, trailer, tv, radio, video game, advertising, museum, theatre… I love to challenge myself each time when projects come to me and I try to give my best !
Born perfectionist, indulged my passion for music and technology since my young age, I explore the frontiers of electronics music without limits of style.
I have work to it all sort of customers from independents creators to multinational companies. My customers appreciate my work and always are thrilled by quality of music I share with them.
Publicis, CNBC, Total, Saint Gobain, Lost Tapes, Pschent, Atreid, Motion Plus Design, Prodigious, Tele Music, Carnet De Vol, NRJ Communication, Universal, SFR, PMU, Deco Flamme, Anjunabeats, Nervous, Defected, Black Hole, Sirpa and many others...